“Urartu” University Alumni Union was founded in 2001. The main goal of the Union is to create close ties between graduates and the university and to continuously strengthen them.

Graduates of “Urartu” University, RA citizens working at the university or having at least five years of work experience, RA or foreign citizens who want to support or participate in the activities of the Union can become its members. A supporting member may be a person who is not a university graduate but wants to support and assist the implementation of university education programs. An honorary member of the Union may be a person who provides intellectual, advisory, moral, material or other assistance to this organization.

The goals of the University Alumni Union are:

  • strengthen the ongoing relationship between the university and its graduates;
  • contribute to the implementation of educational and research programs of the University;
  • support the improvement of University educational programs;
  • discuss issues of concern to University graduates;
  • exchange information and experience with organizations carrying out similar activities in Armenia and abroad;
  • Encourage gifted young people and young professionals.

At “Urartu” University work is underway to reorganize the Alumni Union into a new format as well as to unite Armenian psychologists and social workers of  all the world. A universal platform will be created which will ensure the participation of all psychologists and social workers in the events taking place in the given professional environment in Armenia.

The platform will allow students of psychology and social work in foreign countries to be in constant contact with “Urartu” University.