The library of “Urartu” University was established together with the foundation of the University in 1991. The entire staff of the university has the right to use the library. Outsiders can only use it in case of having a special permission.

There are about 10,000 units of literature in the library today and it’s collection is constantly replenished.

Library departments are:

  • Reading-hall
  • Processing, stocking department and book depository
  • E-service and information department

The library of Urartu University is engaged in  providing connection to the Consortium of Electronic Libraries of Armenia (eLCA) and the network of digital libraries which will enable access to EBSCOhost, eLIBRARY, SpringerLink, and Обзор СМИ electronic databases.

The working hours of the library are from 09:30 to 17:00, the break is from 13: 00 to 14:00. The working hours of the reading-hall are from 09:30  to 17:00.

Use of the library is free.

To become the reader of the library, the following documents must be presented to the service department:

  • passport / student ticket in case of students;
  • 3 × 4 size photo.

Readers registered in the university library can borrow up to 4 books. Literature is given for up to 15 days. CDs and DVDs are only available in the reading-hall.

Rare, single-copy books,  encyclopedias, unpublished materials, master’s theses and candidate dissertations can be used only in the reading-hall. Up to 3 books and 5 periodical press materials can be taken while using the services of the reading-hall.

The literature ordered in the service department is provided within one hour.

The reader must take care of the books and property. It is forbidden to mark, tear or fold the pages of the book. In case of finding any defects upon receiving the book, the reader should inform the librarian about it. In case of losing or damaging the book, the reader is obliged to either replace it with the same book or pay ten times the price of the book up to 500 AMD and five times the price of the book worth more than 500 AMD.

At the end of each academic year the student is required to hand over the literature he / she has borrowed from the library.