Students Council

The Student Council (SC) of the “Urartu” University of Practical Psychology and Sociology was founded in 1991. The Student Council is a student organization formed on a voluntary basis which is a self-governing, elective representative body of students.

The goals of the SC are:

Protect the interests and rights of students, ensure student participation in the governance of the university, submit student-related issues to the relevant governing bodies of the university. Participate in the development and implementation of programs aimed at increasing the efficiency of the educational process. Inform students about their rights and responsibilities. To unite students in different student associations, commissions, clubs, groups, unions, etc., to coordinate their work, contributing to the creation of a favorable environment for students and promoting students’ scientific, educational, spiritual, cultural, creative and physical development. To support the improvement of the social condition of the students, to organize their recreational and leisure time activities.

The Student Council ensures the participation of students in the management of the university (students in the governing bodies make up 25%).

Student council governing bodies 

  • General Assembly
  • Presidency
  • President

The highest governing body of the Student Council is the General Assembly which is elected on the principle of partial rotation of students.

The Presidency consists of the Chairman of the Student Council, the Chairmen of the Faculty Committees, the Chairmen and the Secretary of the Student Council Permanent Commissions of Urartu University.

The Chairman of the Student Council is elected as a result of elections organized by the Electoral Commission, by direct election of students, by secret ballot, for a term of two years. In case of expiration of the established term or completion of the study, the Chairman of the Student Council resigns.

One of the main functions of the council is to organize, participate in the events to be held at the university, to involve students in the university life. In addition, it is very possible to collaborate with other universities through the Student Council and to give students the opportunity to lead an interesting, eventful student life.